Friday, April 9, 2010

Nearly One

Asher, your birthday is in two days and you will be one! In just one short year you have changed our lives entirely. It's humorous to think that all of the preparations, gadgets, books, baby foods and clothes were to get us through to just this point.

I look at your newborn pics and see how much you have grown. While I miss that tiny baby with his fist smashed in his mouth I remember that after all the sleepless nights, sore boobs, indeterminable reasons for your fussing, and changing the diaper genie daily - I am really enjoying this stage.


You are so much fun to play with. Your laughter has blessed our home and family in countless ways. Lately, you have been working on your ballin' skills and it is quite apparent that you are a boy. Even as I type this you have found daddy's basketball and you are throwing it around the room. You love to clap and you sure are a showboat, squealing for our attention and approval. You cannot walk yet but your climbing skills are paramount. I would give you all 10s!


I have run out of pages of What to Expect the First Year. I have a feeling we are about to hit the ground running and time will be gone before we know it. We love you Jelly Bean! Happy early birthday! Please don't grow up too fast.


Note: First two photos taken by Kim Greenfield.

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  1. Maybe its my post partum emotions but that so made me want to cry! He is a doll :)