Friday, April 11, 2014

Camp Asher Birthday Bash!

Asher is five years old today! We celebrated last Saturday with a birthday bash fit for boys! Welcome to Camp Asher.

  • Asher is excited to start kindergarten next Fall.
  • He is a kind older brother. 
  • Mama loves when he tells her, "You're the prettiest, best mom in the village!" And gives her wild flowers. 
  • He likes to make everybody laugh. He likes telling jokes, especially the bathroom variety. Oh brother!
  • He loves to play plants v zombies on our phones. 
  • He's never met a stranger and bonds with other children quickly. 
  • He can count to 40 and by twos up to 10
  • He spells his name, knows his address and birthday. 
  • He is very active and enjoyed sharing this outdoor party with family and friends!