Saturday, January 30, 2010


Yesterday, Chattanooga had its biggest snowstorm since 1996.

Today, it is simply slush.

This of course necessitated the purchase of these beauties.


Look at this happy girl. :-)


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Two Sickies

Yesterday I just went crazy with the craftiness! Thanks Hubby for watching the Pooka Monster while I burned myself with hot glue and sniffed Mod Podge (actually it's non-toxic and not quite as fun as rubber cement haha).

After a little blog surfing and a run to Hobby Lobby, our home is now sufficiently ready for Valentine's Day. And it's not even February yet.






What really inspired this frenzy? Well, I will tell you but I must warn you: the following is not for the weak stomached.

Sunday had to have been the worst day of my life, well in a long time. It started when I woke up around 3 in the morning puking my guts out. was gross! I have not done that since I was in second or third grade. I felt so ill and dizzy. My first thought was that I might be pregnant. Even though I was not at all sick with Asher and we are doing all we can to avoid it from happening again, I cannot dismiss the possibility that it might happen. Anyway, when I was on my third bout with the bathroom sink (Austin was not too pleased that I forgot to use the toilet. Thanks for cleaning it all up babe!) we heard Asher in his crib heaving. Uh-oh. Poor baby was also sick. And he wasn't just spitting up normal baby stuff it was chunks just like mine.

I gotta say, Austin was a great nurse for Asher. Poor guy had no sleep when he went to give his talk for church that day. He also tried his best to help me out but I sure missed my dad. He was always so much help when I was sick. He would rub my back and hold my hair out of my face. I remember him coming in late nights to rescue me with cough syrup or a heating pad. Love you Dad!

After trying to sleep it off all day and basically fasting with just Gatorade (me) and Pedialyte (Asher), by evening as quick as the sickness came it left. I have concluded that it was a food poisoning and most likely from that awful Mojo Burrito we ate at on Saturday. Yuck. Don't imagine I will ever go back there. Come Monday, I was so happy to be well and unsick and I decided to use all of my new energy to create with pink and red. Happy early v-day!

Oh yeah, and did I mention that my newly returned monthly friend came for a visit on Sunday as well? At least I know I am not preggers. While we love this little guy in the sink I am not looking for another one any time soon.


Monday, January 11, 2010

Nine Months!

Today, Asher has been outside of me for nearly as much time as he spent growing inside of me. Wow that went by fast! He is having so much fun exploring the world while we enjoy watching him.


He loves his new toys he got for Christmas.


He got so many I am hoping for just Disney movies for his birthday. ;-)


Asher loves:
  • sleeping 9+ hours a night (Mommy loves this, too)
  • nursing and his warm bottle
  • his dog Rocky (reminds me why I keep him around)
  • country music and Daddy singing Montgomery Gentry in the shower
  • oatmeal cooked in applesauce
  • bananas
  • vanilla wafers
  • army crawling around the house
  • attempting to climb the stairs
  • his exersaucer and johnny jump up
  • playing in his room
  • reading Boynton books
  • sitting at the table in his travel high chair
  • riding in the back of Daddy's truck
  • going anywhere but the living room
  • giving gummy kisses
  • making "Rarr" noises
  • playing and laughing with Daddy
  • snuggling and napping with Mommy
  • watching Disney clips on Youtube!

We love you Asher Dean!

Untitled from Kimberly Cone on Vimeo.


And here he is in the snow last week just before the big game. He loved it!


Friday, January 8, 2010

BCS National Champs


Roll Tide! I do feel for McCoy. I would have liked to see what Bama could have put up against him. I hope he has a great career in the NFL.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Missing Idaho

It's snowing in Chattanooga today and the temperatures are just right that some of it is sticking to the sidewalks. The pretty falling snowflakes remind me of our time in Idaho and I am missing some things. It's been nearly three years since we graduated college and came back south. I remember our last semester we just couldn't wait to pack everything up and get out.

Being closer to home and family has been great and I don't see us ever leaving this area again. But we hold some very dear memories of Rexburg including....

  • Saving seats for friends at Tuesday devotionals
  • Singing hymns under the field bleachers
  • Laughing at the pond skimmers
  • Snowboarding in Targhee
  • Warming up sore muscles from snowboarding at Lava Hot Springs
  • Floating The Snake River on air mattresses
  • Swimming in Rigby Lake
  • Bridge jumping
  • Late nights on Macs in the Spori building
  • Fighting for a study room at the McKay Library
  • Dancing at Guitars Unplugged
  • Our 600 square foot apartment for only $450/mo including cable, internet and gym
  • Internships at INL
  • Snowmen
  • Illegal snowball fights
  • Lauging at myself for slipping on the ice
  • Learning to walk in high heeled boots in the snow
  • Intramural sports, especially basketball
  • Some of the best friends we'll ever know

Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year's 2010

This year, Austin and I discovered that there really isn't much you can do for New Year's Eve with a little baby. New Year's Eve day Austin drove all over Southeast Tennessee to perform inventory audits on a rent to own business. He came home around 8 that evening. Sadly, there were no fireworks downtown and while I would have loved to hit up some clubs for a little dancing I don't think there are any that offer babysitting ;-)

So, we did the next best thing. We drove to Walmart and walked around. Awesome! In our sweats we looked like the People of Walmart for sure. Once home, we tried our best to live vicariously through the people partying in Times Square. Love Melissa Rycroft!

Somehow, Asher knew he was supposed to stay up until midnight. No matter what I did he refused to go down until 12:05! Then, Austin and I played Monopoly. I was lucky enough to land on all of the RRs first and I ended up winning. It was the highlight of my night!

Here's to 2010!