Monday, January 11, 2010

Nine Months!

Today, Asher has been outside of me for nearly as much time as he spent growing inside of me. Wow that went by fast! He is having so much fun exploring the world while we enjoy watching him.


He loves his new toys he got for Christmas.


He got so many I am hoping for just Disney movies for his birthday. ;-)


Asher loves:
  • sleeping 9+ hours a night (Mommy loves this, too)
  • nursing and his warm bottle
  • his dog Rocky (reminds me why I keep him around)
  • country music and Daddy singing Montgomery Gentry in the shower
  • oatmeal cooked in applesauce
  • bananas
  • vanilla wafers
  • army crawling around the house
  • attempting to climb the stairs
  • his exersaucer and johnny jump up
  • playing in his room
  • reading Boynton books
  • sitting at the table in his travel high chair
  • riding in the back of Daddy's truck
  • going anywhere but the living room
  • giving gummy kisses
  • making "Rarr" noises
  • playing and laughing with Daddy
  • snuggling and napping with Mommy
  • watching Disney clips on Youtube!

We love you Asher Dean!

Untitled from Kimberly Cone on Vimeo.


And here he is in the snow last week just before the big game. He loved it!



  1. Oh my goodness, is it illegal to say I think he is cuter than my kid? LOL! I hope we get to meet him someday!

  2. he really is a freakin doll!!!!!!! you look great kimberly!

  3. He is so cute and growing up too fast!

  4. isn't it amazing how fast the 9 months goes when you're not pregnant? I love that first picture of him with that little smirk...he looks so grown up!

  5. I love the new knobs on your armoire. I can't believe he is 9 months old. What happened to the little baby boy that grunted all day and all night long?

  6. 9 months has just flown by! Wow! He's such a cutie!!!