Thursday, January 7, 2010

Missing Idaho

It's snowing in Chattanooga today and the temperatures are just right that some of it is sticking to the sidewalks. The pretty falling snowflakes remind me of our time in Idaho and I am missing some things. It's been nearly three years since we graduated college and came back south. I remember our last semester we just couldn't wait to pack everything up and get out.

Being closer to home and family has been great and I don't see us ever leaving this area again. But we hold some very dear memories of Rexburg including....

  • Saving seats for friends at Tuesday devotionals
  • Singing hymns under the field bleachers
  • Laughing at the pond skimmers
  • Snowboarding in Targhee
  • Warming up sore muscles from snowboarding at Lava Hot Springs
  • Floating The Snake River on air mattresses
  • Swimming in Rigby Lake
  • Bridge jumping
  • Late nights on Macs in the Spori building
  • Fighting for a study room at the McKay Library
  • Dancing at Guitars Unplugged
  • Our 600 square foot apartment for only $450/mo including cable, internet and gym
  • Internships at INL
  • Snowmen
  • Illegal snowball fights
  • Lauging at myself for slipping on the ice
  • Learning to walk in high heeled boots in the snow
  • Intramural sports, especially basketball
  • Some of the best friends we'll ever know


  1. Miss you tons. Lucky me I get to do all that stuff here in Idaho...still...and forever. Frownsmile. by this point I really want warm weather again. Too bad it won't come for another four months at least. The kids love it though. :)

  2. I feel the same way! It makes it easier for me knowing my friends are gone from there too, but man I took our time in Rexburg for granted! I love that place!!

  3. This is Beth- your old RA from the dorms... I saw your blog on rachelle's page- you are still so cute! and your family is so beautiful!