Saturday, July 14, 2012

It's going by so fast. Don't want to forget.

Looking through my phone, I found some awesome videos that I never posted.
This video is just too darn cute. The room and his shirt are a hot mess. I was sick pregnant and we were in the middle of packing. That is probably the reason I didn't post it before. But who cares about that when your little guy is this precious.

When my brother and I were little my Dad would tape record us. He would say, "Testing, testing. One-two-three." Then he would ask us questions about what was going on in our lives. I assume it was to remember Brendan's sweet little voice describing our trip to Sea World when he said, "And the mama whale...the mama whale...Ouch! She's pinching me and the mama whale came up and splashed."

Asher has already changed so much in the four months since this was taken. I don't want to forget him like this.

Our big helper. Such a first born. 

He came up with this impression on his own.

While potty training at Gigi's house he loved singing along with Koko.