Friday, June 26, 2009

Techie Nerds

Yes, that is what we have become. Austin and I built our own computer this week. How freakin wicked is that?

Our laptop was becoming a dinosaur (4 years old). We were in desperate need of something with more memory and storage space. At first we thought about getting the new HP Touchscreen or an iMac and we started saving up. But over time we discussed how cool it would be to have a comp that was also our TV all in one. We researched the idea further and found that it was very possible with the new flatscreen TVs because they have PC inputs or HDMI inputs (all new techie lingo I have become familiar with). Austin started talking with a guy at work who has experience with building comps and gave him some tips on the process.

We ordered most of the parts from Tiger Direct and everything shipped out so quickly. We followed a guide on the internet very closely and voila! we have a brand new comp that works great with oodles of memory. The best part is that the resolution is awesome on our new LG LCD flatpanel.

Asher and I look up Disney clips on YouTube and watch them like movies. Well, he mostly just listens. I think he likes the Jungle Book songs the best. "I wanna be a man, man cub..." Before I had a baby I thought I would dread listening to and watching cartoons but it's funny how nicely nistalgic it is. Life was so good as a child. Actually, it still is. I built my own comp!!

P.S. I highly recommend the Adobe Premiere Elements for video editing. Now I can post videos from my camera instead of my phone. Yay!


  1. I can't believe you built a computer, that is so amazing! Was it cheaper to do, or did you just want it a certain way?

  2. It was cheaper and we were able to get what we wanted as far as memory and brand name components. Remember that one time when we got something stuck in Serenity's comp and we tried to get it out with a knife? hahaha.

  3. Ha ha ha ha! That really brings it home. You see why I was shocked to read your blog about this. Are you sure you didnt try to use knives to put your comp together? It works so well. Oh man, good times. It's so funny after the fact, and because we were so lucky to have not destroyed her computer.

  4. I relate more than I actually care to. :)
    Steve always builds his own stuff. I've always said he's the coolest nerd in the world.