Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Rocky Went Out Last Night

Chattanooga, being the hip and swanky city that it is, has just the greatest place on Earth for Rocky - a dog park! We take him almost every opportunity that we have and he loves it. As soon as we pull up to the parking lot he starts salivating and moving back and forth in his seat. Boxers are very high energy dogs and Rocky is no exception. The dog park does wonders for his behavior. If we spend half an hour in the evening watching him run, sniff and play with the other dogs, he is so well behaved for me the next day. This is a good thing since Austin and I have switched roles and I am now home with him during the day.

We like to call him our Rockstar. When we take him out everybody loves him. Just last weekend at the fireworks show someone commented that he was the prettiest Boxer they'd ever seen. We like to think so. ;-)


  1. hahah, aww the Rocky music video is veeerrrry cute. I wish I could meet him!

  2. We love Rocket Dog! I am so glad you have a dog park right by your house. He does love to party!

  3. forget ROCKY i wanna see videos of my baby nephew!! haha jk... Rocky knows I'll give him at least one little pat when I come over. I have a puppy that wants to be his bff, i'll even throw in free shipping!