Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Happy Four Years!

When I first met Austin he was home six days off his mission. He had spent the last two years in Tijuana, Mexico. He still seemed a bit shell shocked and he spoke with a Spanish accent. At our first encounter he shook my hand very business-like and simply smiled. His smile is what struck me first and I wondered when I would see him again.

Just a few days later he sat next to me at Rosie's Cantina in Huntsville. He was a great story teller and I laughed at almost everything he had to say. I found him to be charming and it felt good to be with him. I guess he thought the same about me because we spent the remainder of that summer together.

I sat next to him in his '91 Chevy S-10 and we would share an orange cream slush from Sonic. When he first kissed me it was simple and sweet. He said that he wanted to keep the kisses simple because he didn't want to start any dangerous fires. . . that didn't last long. ;-)

I am not sure exactly when he fell for me so hard but it happened quickly and he proposed that winter and we got hitched June 3, 2005. Then, we drove the old Chevy truck cross country to finish school in Idaho and start our life together.

The past four years have been excellent and Austin has turned out to be one lucky catch. He is an amazing husband. I appreciate so many of the things he has done for me. By encouraging me to finish school and pursue my own interests he has helped me to grow up and become more secure in my own skin. He tells others only positive things about us and he makes sure to tell me everyday that I'm beautiful.

After helping me to create a wonderful bundle of joy he is becoming a great father. I can't wait to see them together playing sports and telling silly stories.

I am so blessed to have Austin as my eternal companion and I look forward to sharing my love with him forever.


  1. awe! so cute. Your post made me cry. You are so lucky Austin is such a great catch! Happy Anniversary.

  2. Happy Anniversary! What a cute post! I enjoyed reading it and learning more about y'all.

  3. Kimberly! I cannot believe you two have been married for four years! Congrats. I can't believe how long it's been since we were roommates up in the dorms. Oh the drama... haha! I miss it. You're such a great example and I love hearing what you're up to :) Love