Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Asher Turns Three

Happy birthday Asher Dean!
He turned three today. We had a little celebration with my family.
Asher seems so big to us lately. We can hardly recall him being as small as Wyatt.

Just some cuteness
  • Asher is imaginative like his Mama. He has an imaginary kitty that he likes to hand us to pet. He told us the kitty is white. He also pretends to be a kitty himself purring, meowing and curling in our laps.
  • He likes to watch and play Curious George, Toy Story and Cars. He says, "to infinity and beyond!" "I'm space ranger." "Lightming Aqueen"
  • Transformers is his newest imaginative game. When Austin gets home he'll say "Let's play transformers. I use my power and get your guts out. Boom! Boom!" With his arms out straight and his hands in fists, eyebrows down and eyes squinted sharp.
  • He is quite the talker. He loves to say things like, "Member when Papa took me to buy those shoes. And the peoples were there. And I cried. And Papa bought me those shoes. Member? mhm."
  • Asher loves Papa's and Daddy's tools, he will pretend to fix something and say, "This chair is broke. I have to fix it." Then bang at it with a screwdriver.
  • When something is truly broken he says, "It needs new batt-ries. Let's go to the store and buy some new batt-ries."
  • His hair is so pretty. I haven't had to cut it yet. "It's just curry."
  • A week ago Mama actually got dressed nice and put on some make-up. Asher brought me some jewelry and said "Mama, you look cute and gorgeous!" Made me smile.
  • A month ago he said, "I am so frustrated." And he stomped his feet. He is like his Daddy when he gets upset. Clamps his fists and makes a face.
  • His facial expressions are quite animated. He loves to make pretty little girls laugh.
  • My favorite quote lately is if I ask him to do something he will sometimes look at me and inquire, "That will make you happy? Yes." And then he will smile so sweet.
  • He is a spirited thing and I just love him!

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