Monday, October 11, 2010



This little guy is 18 months old today!


He is a spirited toddler that always knows what he wants. Makes it a lot of fun to keep up with him;)


Asher loves
running over speed bumps
running down hills
petting dogs and cats
balloons especially the red SALE ones at Walmart
any kind of ball
throwing balls
throwing objects at Mommy
crunchy leaves
his blankie and Mr. Bear at bed time
his pacy and still prefers the 0-6 month size
running around Coolidge Park
attention from the teenage girls at church
little toy cars, he makes this sound when rolling them around the house "vrrrrbrrrr"
using wipes to help clean his face
sharing cereal with Mommy expecially Oatmeal Squares
bath time with Daddy
Greek yogurt
still likes his milk warm
giving hugs and sometimes kisses
talking to Grandparents on my cell phone, actually he doesn't do too much talking
playing outdoors
walking the opposite direction we want to go :)
riding downtown in his stroller
his banana toothbrush
reading books especially if the book has a ball in it
freefalling from the sofa arm onto the sofa, from the sofa onto the ottoman, kinda scary
when Daddy comes home!


This year and a half has gone by relatively quickly. He changes all the time and so fast! Thank you Gigi for all the gorgeous pics!



  1. Seriously gorgeous pictures! Asher is so dang cute, I hope we can see you guys again someday!

  2. This little guy is the best. I love all the cute things he does. What a cool thing to put it in a list like that. My girl is just so smart.

  3. I am still laughing that he loves the 0-6 month size pacifier, those things are so small! You are such a great mom, I can tell from how you write about Asher, with so much love! And all his favorite activities look like so much fun for a little boy his age!

  4. He is so cute!! And BIG!!!!! I miss you guys coming up and me coming over and hanging out with you and asher!! But know Im in Utah a million miles away!!! I miss you guys!