Friday, August 14, 2009

4 Months Old

Wow. In a way, I can't believe that Asher is already four months old. He was soo itty bitty and now he is getting to be a big baby. Yet in another way, I can't believe I have only known him for four months. That's only a third of one year. Only a semester of school. Just a bit longer than Summer Break.

Austin and I love him to pieces. While I definitely can remember life and all the leisure before I met Asher ;-) I can't imagine life without him now.


Asher facts:
  • Weight 15 lbs 4 oz
  • Height 26"
  • Head Circumference 17 1/2"
  • Eyes are now brown
  • Still a little baldy
  • Step 3 diapers


Asher loves:
  • warm showers with daddy
  • warm baths with baby oil
  • massages with baby lotion
  • dry diapers
  • flutterbug toy
  • his play palace
  • bouncing
  • gumming anything he gets his hands on, even mommy's hair
  • his feet (he just discovered these and is working on getting the toes in the mouth)
  • reading especially Brown Bear Brown Bear and Hop on Pop (I was very excited yesterday because he helped to turn the pages of Goodnight Gorilla)
  • crinkly noises
  • stroller and car rides
  • change of scenery
  • attention galore!



  1. Oh man, your baby boy looks SOOO yummy! lol! What a cutie, Happy 4 Month Birthday Asher!!

  2. I have been trying to post a comment but my computer is wacked. I love this post. He is such a cutie! So cute how Asher grabs his toes just like you did. I need to post a picture of you eating your toes.

  3. That's funny you said you call Asher pooka, cuz I used to call Levi Pooka bear. You should look at what Dave wrote after you commented on our blog, same old Dave! Talk to you later