Thursday, May 28, 2009

May is almost over?

After April practically didn't exist for us and May is already nearing an end I ask just one question -

Are we insane?

Not only did we have our first child but Austin graduated from UA with his MBA, I said good-bye to my job and we packed everything up and moved to Chattanooga, TN. Phew! All that has been a stress inducer for sure.

Thank goodness Chattanooga is so beautiful and Austin's new job has started off well. Our new place is certainly a step up from the 1950s stick home in Tuscaloosa. We have a garbage disposal!

Austin and my dad spent Memorial Day installing new shelves, painting accent walls and hanging artwork. Why all this for a rental unit? Just because that's how I am I guess...get it from my mama.

We will miss everyone in Alabama, just as we still miss everyone from Idaho. But because we embrace change and new opportunities we are looking forward to new friendships and experiences in Tennessee.


  1. Yay!! I didn't know you had a blog and this is so exciting! Congrats to your husband, it looks like you guys are doing really well! We wish we could meet little Asher, his pictures are ADORABLE although like most cute babies, I bet they don't even do him justice ; ) Love ya Kim!!

    Katie, Steve, and Raleigh

  2. Wow! All that and you're still sane enough to blog about it? You're my type of mama.

    Congrats on EVERYTHING! Chattanooga is FABULOUS...would love to live there.
    And I'm sure you have the cutest rental property ever. I don't blame you a bit for making it your own space.

    And Asher...(sigh)...he is PRECIOUS beyond words. What a little doll. I am so happy for you. Smoosh him just once for me, will ya?

  3. you have a blog! Woo hoo! Asher looks like he's getting big in the blessing day pictures, very cute. How are you settling in?

  4. So we just went to chattanooga for our anniversary and brycie wants to move there now haha... We shall see if we ever do get there. Congrats to Austin and you for him graduating! I know what its like to have a hubby in school, I may as well be too. And Asher is so precious! Congrats on a beautiful family!

  5. You are insane!! Your apartment is so cute and you are such a good mommy.